Karif Battle, founder of Theoretical Fiends LLC, remembers his Beagle. Snoopathan the third on deez aka White Tip aka Last Action Doggy aka Snoop strolls in Mom's backyard. Rest In Peace to both of them.

Snoopathan The Third On Deez


A gut wrenching sound.


It's time.


Mouth wiggling.


Drinking tears.


Please, no.


Blood, pus and now this.


It's time.


One more walk.


Maybe it'll stop.


Leash response heartbreaking.


A gut wrenching sound.


Can somebody else do this?




Echoes mock within an empty home.


It's time.


Car stereo. Wind therapy. A temporary fix.


I cover him with kisses.


The sandman in a white coat comes forth.


As they leave, I watch through burning eyes.


Snoop looks back.


Where are they taking me, daddy?